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Christian . . . Husband . . . Father . . . Writer . . . Amateur Historian . . . and Intergalactic Wise Guy!

Welcome to my web site! I’m Mike Lynch, and as you can see from the taglines above, I wear a lot of hats. While these “hats” create headaches for me now and again, they also keep my life quite busy, and interesting. At least I can say I am never bored. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have anything good to write about. They give me the inspiration to write about far off worlds, or the world we live in here on Earth. With this in mind, perhaps you’d care to journey to the stars aboard a stellar cruiser and battle against beings of unparalleled hate, or experience a world in which the government controls every aspect of our lives, or perhaps read about the history of a sleepy town in Northern California my family helped settle in the 1850’s (check out the Titles page). Whatever your interest, take a look around and see what I have to offer.


Newly Released

New Book Journal Press Release


Everyone deserves a second chance in life, no matter how unlikely.


Available at Ellechor Publishing

     also availalbe at:   9fd75a1b3f92f3a8.jpg  ce3617c5bae64366.jpg 

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Recently Released!

                    "It's the best book I've read this year!"

                         --Deb Hockenberry, Deb's Book Nook


An 800-year-old letter makes the astonishing claim the Cross of Jesus still exists, and has been safely hidden away. A pair of archeologists race against time to save it, but will they reach the Cross before it's too late?


You can purchase the book at Ellechor Publishing


Also available at:  9fd75a1b3f92f3a8.jpg  imagesCARF8LCJ.jpg 

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 If you'd like an autographed copy of When the Sky Fell, just click the link: Signed by the Author


                  Just Released

                    No Revolution - cover 2.jpg

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       Interested in my thoughts about No Revolution is Too Big, and the subsequent stories that get released, check out my new blog:


                      Recently released

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        Available for purchase at:

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Not only am I writing books, but I've also published some short stories.  Take a look and see what you think.  Enjoy!


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                 No Revolution is Too Big                                            Surf's Up!                                             The Wrong Place at the Right Time

     Available for purchase at:                    Residential Aliens                     Available for purchase at:

            imagesCARF8LCJ.jpg  images1.jpg                                                                                                         imagesCARF8LCJ.jpg  images1.jpg


"No Revolution is Too Big" placed 3rd in the Preditors & Editors 2008 Readers Poll

And as an added bonus, you can now listen to a podcast of this story produced by Ray Gun Radio

     RGRImage_2.jpg     RGRadio Podcast


                    cover2.jpg                          AugustCover.jpg                          1112.jpg

                        Beyond Horizon's Edge                                      A Small Sacrifice                                               The Unit          

         Available for purchase at:                 Digital Dragon                Available for purchase at:

        imagesCARF8LCJ.jpg  images1.jpg                                                                                               imagesCARF8LCJ.jpg  images1.jpg


"Beyond Horizon's Edge" took 1st place in the 2009 Preditors & Editors writer's contest

                  june10cover_jpg_opt333x430o0,0s333x430.jpg                                         p.jpg                                  h1.jpg

        Try my story:  "The Last Countdown"              A reprinting of my story:  "The Unit"        An article about my publishing experiences

              Digital Dragon                          A Flame in the Dark                        Novel Rocket


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A reprinting of my story:  "Beyond Horizon's Edge"   Check out my latest story:  "The Coming of the Mage"        A reprinting of: "The Unit"

              Days End Anthology                                  Council of Elders Anthology                 Wherever It Pleases


As an added bonus, you can now listen to a radio drama of The Unit produced by The Untold Podcast

                                               2537276_orig.jpg  The Untold Podcast


         graspingwind1.png                        specfaith_headline.gif                               hurraygod_book1.jpg

               Publishing Article                                Book Article                 Check my story: My Stolen Bible

           Grasping for the Wind                          Speculative Faith                     Hurray God Anthology



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                Find out how I met my wife              How to get published article      Writing experiences article

       Vannatter Romance Website                       Heartbeat Magazine               Journey to Publication



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       Marketing strategies article                       Writing process article                 Co-authoring article                     

     New Christian Books Magazine                        Working Writers                       The Dark Phantom



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                  Finding Home                  Reprint of my story: "A Small Sacrifice"   My latest story: Finding Home 

          The Washington Pastime                      The Wordsmith Journal                   Helping Hands Press


  "A Small Sacrifice" -- editor's Pick for The Wordsmith Journal 2012 short story contest


       Subatomic Revolt - I.O..jpg             The Eye of Time - Carole Bell.jpg                 No Revolution too Small - cover.jpg

   No Revolution series-story #2    No Revolution series-story #3    No Revolution series-story #4

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   No Revolution Series-story #5     No Revolution Series-story #6       No Revolution Series-story #7

           imagesCARF8LCJ.jpg    images1.jpg                  imagesCARF8LCJ.jpg   images1.jpg                         imagesCARF8LCJ.jpg   


             Mutiny of Emotions-Aragon.jpg                   510fyI7gjgL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX318_SY318_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA318_AA300_SH20_OU01_.jpg                 LOTW-low res.jpg

     No Revolution Series-story #8     No Revolution Series-story #9          Light of the World                     

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