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Check out the reviews and interviews for After the Sky Fell here:

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                                                             My booksigning at Village House of Books (2015)


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   Also, you might be interested in what others have to say about After the Cross.


      "This book certainly packs a powerful punch."
                 --Tiffany Harkleroad, Tiffany's Bookshelf
       "Full of history, archaeology, mystery – with a touch of romance added for good measure, this book offers something for everyone."
              --Jill Hart, Fiction Addict
     "A gripping thriller."
                 --Nina Sankovitch, Read All Day

       "Full of mystery and intrigue."
                 --Noah Arsenault, Noahreads

       “Barr and Lynch have written a very entertaining novel, with exciting action and deep relationships.”
                 --Todd Naevestad, Christian Book Preview
       "I highly recommend making After the Cross your next read."
                 --Steve Wright, Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy Review
         "It delivers one powerful message."
                    --Lynette Fowlston, Miss Lynn's Book Reviews
         "I highly recommend this book."
                   --Deb Hockenberry, Deb's Book Nook
        "I was on the edge of my seat."
                  --Carissa Miller, Carissa's Bookshelf
       "Once you start this novel, you won’t be able to put it down."
              --Sally Shupe, Sally's Reviews
      "Fantastic story line for history lovers!"
              --Jodi Janz, Write With Me
     "An intriguing blend of archeological thriller, historical mystery and love story."
             --Fiona I., Readers Favorites 

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                                                        thumbnailCAN8EAS0.jpg  Book Trailer


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      Check out my interview on Suzanne's Studio


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Also, you can read what others have to say about American Midnight.

"From Page One to The End, novelists Brandon Barr and Mike Lynch capture the readers’ attention and holds them spellbound! American Midnight is a gripping, beautifully-written story that will sometimes (literally!) leave you breathless. I’m adding this one to my ‘Keepers’ shelf!"
--Loree Lough, author of 74 award-winning novels, including the recently-released Tales of the Heart and Prevailing Love

"A modern mix of 1984 and The Hiding Place, American Midnight is thought-provoking and chilling, a clarion call for today's culture."
--Chawna Schroeder, Imagination Investigation

“This latest work from Brandon Barr and Mike Lynch fulfills their promise as authors.  AMERICAN MIDNIGHT is a big, panoramic novel rich with right questions for our era and with characters we can both cheer for and learn from.”
--Bruce McAllister, author of Dream Baby

''American Midnight is a must read ripped out of today's headlines and masterfully blended with prophetic overtones. Each chapter takes us ever deeper into a web of intrigue...complex and artistically written.  Bible scholar or not Barr and Lynch provide us with not only a great read but also a story that will provoke you to move beyond what you thought was possible.''
--Lisa Collins,

"Torn from tomorrow's headlines, American Midnight is a fast-paced ride with a touch of romance that is sure to hold you enthralled!"
--Amy Deardon, author of A Lever Long Enough

"A riveting political thriller. Barr and Lynch have crafted a convicting and timely tale that will entrance readers of various genres. Be sure to pick up this page-turner at your earliest opportunity...lest time run out all too soon.
--Melissa Meeks, Bibliophile's Retreat

"With conspiracies on every side, suspense, romance and more, American Midnight is a cautionary tale examining family and what it means to take a stand for God.  It handles some difficult questions, but the answers aren't always as neat and pat as we would like."
--Cathi Hassan, Cathi's Chatter

"American Midnight is a non-stop, compelling read. Several times I was running in the wake of the main character’s footsteps, crying with her and cheering her on."
--Paulette Harris, inspirational writer


"American Midnight is a fast-paced, politically charged novel that takes the reader into an America where Christians are targeted as hate mongers.  Maltreatment of believers starts subtly, but quickly ratchets to fullblown biblical persecution.  Everything changes as Tania stands at a crossroads.  She learns the truth behind the Unity Party and the decision she makes puts her life and the lives of her family in jeopardy."

--Donna Sundblad, author of Beyond the Fifth Gate      




You can check out interviews and podcasts for When the Sky Fell at:

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           Amy Deardon Interview (part 1)           Gzusfreek (blog review)

           Amy Deardon Interview (part 2)           Book Review (Chawna Schroeder)

           Residential Aliens (interview)               Digital Dragon (book review)

           Blog Days of Summer (book review)     Meet an Author Show (interview)

           The Old Schoolhouse (book review)

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Also, you can read what other authors have to say aboutWhen the Sky Fell

"An engaging sci-fi blend of military and politics."
Mike Resnick
, Hugo and Nebula award winning author


"What a promising first novel from Lynch and Barr--exciting space battles, convincing characters we can care about, sense of wonder and real heart. If only the space opera I grew up with had been this human."
Bruce McAllister
, 2007 Hugo award nominee and author of Dream Baby



"In war, things can go wrong, and people will react well, or badly. Such is the case in this action-filled, page-turning, epic space battle for the survival of planet Earth. Hang on to your seats!"
James C. Glass
, author of the Shanji trilogy



"Exuberant space opera in the style of the golden age of sci fi."
Michael Z. Williamson
, author of Freehold





"Fast-paced novel for fans of military science fiction."
Mike Resnick
, Hugo and Nebula award winning author



When the Sky Fell’s greatest strength is its believable and foreseeable science—you can easily see how our society could evolve into that presented in the book.  Fans of military science fiction will enjoy this book immensely.”

--Joshua Palmatier, author of The Vacant Throne




"Compelling heros, interesting allies, dastardly villains, wonderful pacing, and lovely descriptions of night skies glimpsed on distant planets. If you love 23rd-century space adventures, When the Sky Fell is for you."

--Kris Stoever, co-author of, For Spacious Skies: The Uncommon Journey of a Mercury Astronaut, and daughter of Mercury Astronaut, Scott Carpenter






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